my-app.net is a web-based application platform to build custom business applications without any programming.

This application enables teams to easily gather, share and manage any type of business information.

Create sophisticated web forms, analytic charts and views for your exact needs.

Get on-demand access from anywhere, at any time and from any device.


100% SaaS

Subscription based. Painless and free upgrades. Access from anywhere at any time. Always the latest version. No maintenance and backup headaches.

No Contract

This service is offered as pay-per-use subscription. There is no contract, no sign-up fee, no cancellation fee.

Multi Browser and Tablets

No dependencies on operating systems or on a particular web browser, all popular browsers are supported. The solution is tablet and touch-friendly.

Fast and feature-rich Data Grid

Enterprise editing and data shaping experience. Unmatched end-user data analysis capabilities like interactive sorting, grouping, filtering and paging.

Chart Engine

Create and publish professional analytic charts always based on your latest data. The Enterprise chart engine supports more than 15 different chart types and different color styles.

Data Elements & Internationalization

All common data elements available. Multi-currency and international display format support. Easy to configure business rules and data validation options.


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for secure authentication and data encryption. ISO 27001 certified datacenter in Germany. Support for row and column level security. IP security.

Made in Germany

This service is "Made in Germany". Privacy and data protection is under the jurisdiction of German law and German data protection act.

Data Export

Ad hoc reporting engine. Export your data to Excel (.XLS, .XLSX), Portable Document Format (PDF) or Rich Text format (RTF).

Data Auditing

The data audit module supports tracking changes (Insert, Update, Delete) to data in your application.

Project Management

Send data driven e-mails to third parties, for example after changes to data.

E-Mail Reminder

Send time or data driven e-mail reminder.



10€ / month
3 User
6 Fields
500 Records


50€ / month
10 User
25 Fields
5000 Records
5 Charts
1 Master-detail form
Export to Excel, Pdf, Rtf
Files and Images:
Max file size: 1 MByte
Max storage: 1 GByte


100€ / month
30 User
50 Fields
10000 Records
25 Charts
4 Master-detail forms
Export to Excel, Pdf, Rtf
Company logo
Data and Time driven e-mails
IP Security
Data Auditing
Files and Images:
Max file size: 5 MByte
Max storage: 5 GByte


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