Legend of Mushroom

Legend of Mushroom x Pepe the Frog Collab Event Release!
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Apr 25, 2024
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Legend of Mushroom x Pepe the Frog Collab Event Release!

It's showtime for Pepe the Frog! Starting from 04/26, mushrooms will join Pepe the Frog on new adventures in the vast space.

Participate in collab games such as Whack-A-Mole and Space Adventurer Pepe to get collab giveaways and use Pepe memes! Complete check-in tasks to claim amazing rewards such as collab costumes, facewear and back accessories.

There's also a chance to get the collab "Tear Attack" artifact, "Trembling Pepe" mount and "Frog-style Thruster" back accessory. Become the best Feels Good Mushroom with Pepe's help!

Over 30 million downloads worldwide! Legend of mushroom is officially launched now! Start an unexpected RPG adventure with the little mushrooms!

Big adventure of a little mushroom! Role-playing with infinite levels!

One day, a lamp appeared amidst the chaos, shining on mushrooms and turning them into brave warriors. Since then, mushrooms have been embarking on adventures in search of more lamps and greater powers.

■ Cute Mushroom Characters!
A small mushroom embarks on a special adventure to become human!
■ Equipment Galore
No more farming in battles. Just tap the Genie to get all kinds of equipment!
■ Choose Your Class!
Even a small mushroom can choose different Classes and become an elite adventurer!
■ Unique Designs
All kinds of creative mushroom designs! Customize your own mushroom!
■ Boss Challenge
Join an alliance. Even small mushrooms can defeat evil dragons!
■ Strongest Alliance
Fight alongside friends and compete with other alliances!
■ Build Your Own Garden!
Protect your garden, mine for minerals, and catch thieves!

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What's New:
◆ Legend of Mushroom x Pepe the Frog Collab Now Release!
◆ System - Artifact Enchant
◆ Fortune Cat is back!
...and more!



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