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Welcome to Remix: The AI App for Creating & Connecting with Friends
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Sep 6, 2023
Jun 13, 2024
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Welcome to Remix: The AI App for Creating & Connecting with Friends

Create & Remix with AI

Meet Remix, the incredible new AI app that revolutionizes how you explore creativity. With Remix, you can start from any of the millions of community-shared images or use your own ideas and photos as a canvas. Our AI image generator, powered by cutting-edge stable diffusion models, simplifies the creation process, allowing you to easily remix content with text or images. The user-friendly interface and limitless possibilities make Remix not just a tool, but a playground for your imagination, where each interaction is a step towards mastering your creative skills.

Create & Connect with Friends

Remix transforms creative sessions into social gatherings, making it easier than ever to connect with like-minded artists and creators. You can also chat and create in dynamic group sessions with friends and family. Whether you prefer collaborating or working solo, our AI co-pilot, powered by Llama 3—the most advanced open-sourced LLM in the world—enhances your creative ventures. Invite your friends to join you in this creative haven and discover endless enjoyment and creation in a vibrant, interactive environment.

Share with the World

On Remix, every share is a spark of inspiration. Follow friends and influencers, engage with your favorites, and learn from the community. With over 15 million creations crafted by users to date, sharing your work on Remix is all about inspiring and being inspired. When you share your creations, you're not just displaying your work—you're inspiring others and being inspired in return. Remix is a platform where your ideas can shine and influence others, fostering a community of creativity and shared growth.

Have Fun with the Most Advanced and Magical AI Features

Remix offers an extensive array of AI-powered tools at your fingertips. Dive into dozens of AI filters and scenes, and explore cutting-edge features like real-time AI creation, 3D modeling, in-painting, AI-generated video, and more. Our advanced AI image generator, utilizing the capabilities of stable diffusion models, includes exclusive features like 'You Feed', making you the star of every image. Enjoy unique interactive experiences with '3mix', where you can engage in word and image games, or 'Facemix', which allows you to swap faces in images. Unleash your creativity further by adding text and generative AI music, making every piece not just seen, but felt.

This is Remix — a 2024 Webby Award Nominee

Join a global community of creators on Remix. Connect with people from all corners of the globe, exchange ideas, and celebrate creativity together. Every contribution is valued, and everyone is welcome. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a budding creator, Remix is your platform to shine. Download Remix now and start your journey of creation and collaboration. Let's make something amazing together! Ready to dive in? Start creating and sharing your ideas today. Join the fun, and let's transform the way we create.

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An all-new Remix, including Magic Camera, Sessions, and so much more!



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