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Introducing: Superhuman Activations™.
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Jul 27, 2020
Apr 26, 2024
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Introducing: Superhuman Activations™.

Start feeling a shift right away and embody the headspace of your future self. These one-of-a-kind daily activation audios are designed for you to play in the background of your life. Superhuman doesn’t require you to carve out time for a traditional meditation practice – so you’ll *actually* stick to it this time.

Superhuman Activations elevate your physical and mental wellbeing using a potent mix of visualization techniques, emotive music, and motivational guidance.

It’s not quite a meditation,
It’s not quite a podcast,
It’s not quite music…
It’s an activation.

91% of people feel a shift after trying their first activation
74% of people experience a significant transformation in the first 90 days of their journey

Transcend the limits of traditional meditation with Superhuman. We use science-backed methods that supercharge your transformation process, pushing the boundaries of personal development.
Our daily affirmations and motivational audio result in better sleep, anxiety relief, a healthy mind, success, a better morning routine, and overall clarity. Create the life of their dreams – all in one easy-to-use app.
Superhuman helps you achieve your best physical state and improves your mental health by using a combination of visualization techniques, emotive music and motivational guidance powered by self-image psychology. The Superhuman Method™ supports and constructs new circuits in your brain, so that you can feel and experience true change in your life – fast.

Just like how Pavlov's dogs salivated when he rang the bell, Superhuman activations connect new thoughts with everyday actions to help you live your future now.

We help you design your dream life and CREATE IT. Get unlimited access to a library of 600+ innovative Superhuman activations, daily affirmations and expect results like:

∙ Earn 10x more money
∙ Achieve your healthiest body
∙ Fall in love with yourself
∙ Feel more alive every day
∙ Create fulfilling relationships
∙ Build a journey for new opportunities


∙ 15+ different categories: Walking, Getting Ready, Pep Talks, Workout, Seated, Cleaning, Cooking, Sleep, Writing, Travel, Legs Up Wall + more guided activations to support your daily routine
∙ Filter feature to find exactly what you’re looking for
∙ Milestones and badges to keep you on track
∙ Dedicated team of neuroscientists, researchers and sound specialists to bring you the latest cutting-edge content for transformation
∙ New content + affirmations added every day
∙ Personalized emails + notifications to ensure you’re sticking to a routine

Words from REAL Superhuman members:

∙ “I’ve never felt so clear, so focused and so abundant in every area of my life.” – Amanda J.
∙ "I quadrupled my income after I started activating daily with Superhuman." – Ellie D.
∙ “This app has changed my life. The chronic health issues I’ve dealt with for years have pretty much disappeared. I truly feel like I am living in my Future Self frequency.” – Madeline P.
∙ “I’ve tried many types of daily affirmations and manifestation methods, some only sticking for a few days… until I found Superhuman! It’s amazing that activations allow you to multitask, and provide the support I need to commit to a daily routine.” – Reese L.
∙ “Since starting the activation journey I feel so much happier with myself, I have more control over my mental health and I’m more motivated than ever. [Superhuman] you have truly changed my headspace”. – Darcy S.

14 day free trial. All subscriptions are backed by our money-back guarantee. No questions asked. Try it today, 100% risk free.

Monthly subscription – auto renews at $29.99 USD per month
Get 6 months free with our Yearly subscription – auto renews at $189.99 USD per year
Have a question? Email us at [email protected]
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What's new

We update the Superhuman app as often as possible to make it faster and more reliable for you. Here are a couple of the improvements you’ll find in the latest update:
- Performance enhancements
- Bug Fixes


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