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xOne AI: Your Gateway to Advanced 3D Scanning
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Mar 7, 2022
Apr 18, 2024
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xOne AI: Your Gateway to Advanced 3D Scanning

Embrace the cutting-edge of 3D technology with xOne AI, the unparalleled 3D scanner app tailored for both creatives and professionals. Transform photographs and videos into stunning, photo-realistic 3D models effortlessly, thanks to our pioneering app. As your pocket-sized 3D camera, xOne AI masters the art of capturing reality in both high and low poly, making it an indispensable tool for enthusiasts and experts in 3D printing, AR development, and beyond.

Leverage Top-notch Photogrammetry for Seamless Creations

Powered by advanced Photogrammetry technology, xOne AI transcends traditional boundaries by converting photos and videos taken with your smartphone into accurate 3D meshes. This breakthrough app simplifies the transformation of images into 3D models, turning your device into a standalone 3D scanner. With cloud storage for easy access and sharing, collaborating on projects has never been easier.

Tailored for a Multitude of Applications
xOne AI is your ally across various fields—be it e-commerce, 3D printing, 3D games asset creation, 3D videos, 3D renders, or synthetic data generation. Capture and process high-quality 3D models with just a few clicks. Beyond mere scanning, xOne AI enriches your toolkit with handmade 3D models from curated artists, available in all standard market formats including obj, fbx, glb/gltf, stl, and beyond, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

Feature-rich for Enhanced Creativity and Efficiency
-Augmented Reality Ready: Our AR view feature brings your 3D models to vivid life in your own space, enhancing presentations and projects on AR-supported devices.
-Comprehensive Format Support: Access a wide array of 3D model formats, with custom adjustments available to fit your specific needs, making your projects versatile and adaptable.
-Free Access to 3D Models: Explore our extensive library of standard 3D models at no cost, providing a wealth of resources for immediate use or inspiration.
– Precision and User-Friendly Design: Recognized for its precision and ease of use, xOne AI stands out as the premier 3D scanner app, enabling efficient and accurate model creation.
– Innovative AutoBox Feature: Our AutoBox feature simplifies modeling for box-shaped objects, enhancing productivity with minimal effort required.

Your Comprehensive 3D Scanning Solution
Whether you're comparing xOne AI to other 3D scanners like Qlone 3D Scanner, Pollycam, Heges 3D Scanner, or Bellus3D, xOne AI offers unparalleled versatility and quality. With features like TrueDepth technology for deeper, more detailed scans, and HDRI for lifelike lighting and textures, xOne AI surpasses traditional 3D scanner capabilities. It's the perfect tool for creating 3D body scans, utilizing camera 3D technology, and even for those seeking a free 3D scanner app with professional-grade output.

Unleash Your Creative Potential
xOne AI is more than just an app—it's a revolution in 3D scanning and AR, designed to support a wide range of projects and ambitions. From 3D printer enthusiasts seeking accurate models to professionals in reality capture seeking depth and precision, xOne AI is the key to unlocking new creative possibilities. And with our commitment to accessibility, including a free version of our powerful 3D scanning and model-building features, xOne AI is democratizing the field of 3D modeling.

Join Us in the 3D/AR Revolution
Prepare to elevate your projects and embrace the future of 3D modeling and augmented reality. Download xOne AI today and begin transforming your creative ideas into reality. Available in multiple languages, xOne AI is making 3D scanning and model creation accessible to a global audience.

Step into the future with xOne AI, and explore the endless possibilities of your creativity in the 3D and AR space. Join the revolution today and start creating with the most comprehensive and user-friendly 3D scanner app on the market.

What's new

Pay Per Export : pay to export specific model
Redeem model using xCoins
Bug Fixes and Performance improvements



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