Bruno – My Super Slime Pet

Do you love playing with slime and taking care of cute virtual pets? Now you can enjoy both loves in a single game! Meet Bruno - the Super Slime Pet, your new cute, adorable friend!
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Mar 19, 2023
Mar 11, 2024
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Do you love playing with slime and taking care of cute virtual pets? Now you can enjoy both loves in a single game! Meet Bruno – the Super Slime Pet, your new cute, adorable friend!

Dramaton, the creator of the famous DIY, ASMR 3D coloring games Super Slime Simulator™, Squishy Magic™, and Go! Dolliz™, is proud to introduce a first of its kind virtual pet simulation game which combines the fun, relaxing creativity of Super Slime Simulator™ with the joy of virtual pet games. If you like slime DIY and ASMR, making 3D virtual toys, playing simulation games and taking care of virtual pets, you are going to love this new slime pet simulation game!

🐾🐾 Meet Bruno the Slime Pet: The Ultimate ASMR Virtual Companion!

Embark on a journey into the world of virtual pet care with Bruno! Bruno is no ordinary pet; he's a lovable blob of animated slime, and he's here to offer you endless fun, relaxation, and anti-stress enjoyment. With a personality as wacky as his colorful appearance, Bruno is the perfect companion for you if you are looking for a delightful, stress-free experience.
Bruno's will keep you entertained while offering you a unique form of ASMR relaxation. Watch him bounce, wiggle, and react to your every touch. He's here to ensure you're never short of laughter and enjoyment.

Relieve your stress and discover the relaxing, satisfying ASMR experience of playing with your slime pet: stretch your pet, squish it, knead it, pop it and enjoy your pet’s funny adorable reactions and voices. So satisfying!

🐱🐶 Take Care of your Slime Pet 🐱🐶

Your Super Slime Pet needs lots of love and attention to help it grow up and shine! Take care of your pet friend, play with it, and love it to make it the happiest, most beautiful slime pet in the world! make sure your slimy cute pet is always happy and smiling, but never hungry, sleepy, dirty or bored.

Bruno loves to eat! Feed your hungry slime buddy with tons of delicious snacks and yummies you can buy in the app’s food store: cakes, candy, fruits, pizza, burgers, ice-cream and many more, each resulting in its own humorous reactions.

Give your pet a slimy bubble bath to keep it shiny and clean and watch as his responses fill your day with laughter. Bruno's bedtime is equally charming, promising you a relaxing and anti-stress experience. Put your pet to sleep when it is tired and wake it up in the morning for a new fun day of slime adventures!

🌈 Customize your Slime Pet 🌈

Unleash your creativity and customize your slime friend and give it new cool and cute looks by choosing from a range of slime types, each with its own unique texture and squishiness. Experiment with vibrant colors and add charming slime decorations to create your ideal slime pet, just like in a slime DIY game! Each slime boasts a unique texture, sound and behavior, producing a unique ASMR satisfying sensation.

But that's not all – Bruno's wardrobe is filled with fun accessories like funny hats, mustaches, glasses, and more! Dress him up, and watch your beloved pet come to life in the quirkiest, cutest outfits imaginable.

🎉Advance Through the Levels 🎉

By playing with and taking care of Bruno, you'll progress through various game levels. Complete challenges, earn rewards, and unlock exciting new features as you advance. The more you play with your slime pet, cuddle it, pamper it and take care for it, the more coins you earn to unlock new features and items that you can use to treat your pet and give it funny, adorable new looks: new slime types, colors, awesome decorations, and tasty food to feed your pet with.

Download Bruno – My Super Slime Pet now and discover a world of fun, relaxation and creative adventures with your virtual pet friend. Bruno is waiting to become a part of your day, offering you the delightful experience of caring for and customizing your very own virtual pet. Discover the magic of Bruno today, and experience the cutest, funniest, and most relaxing virtual pet game ever!

الوافدون الجدد

• New Pacifier! 👶🍼
• Soothe your Slime Pet with the new pacifier when they're crying and feeling down.
• Performance Boosts and Bug Fixes! 🚀🐞
• We've fine-tuned performance and squashed bugs for an even better gaming experience.



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