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Every day we analyze thousands of articles and pick only the best for you, tailored to your interests.
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Nov 23, 2015
May 18, 2023
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Every day we analyze thousands of articles and pick only the best for you, tailored to your interests.


• Get a handful of new articles every day
• Timeless pieces, articles with long shelf-lives
• Choose how many links and the time of delivery
• Customize your interests by following topics, thought leaders, and publications
• Refind learns: The more you interact, the better your picks become
• Key takeaways highlighted
• Listen to articles on the go (audio)
• Expert-curated Deep Dives
• Weekend catch-up

Customize your interests

Whether you have a niche interest or simply want to read the most important articles on a topic – Refind has you covered. You can choose from hundreds of topics and further customize with hashtags.

• Productivity
• Technology
• Artificial Intelligence
• Better Living
• Marketing
• Startups
• Crypto/Web3
• Design
• Productivity
• Finance
• Mental Health
• Leadership
• etc.

10,000+ sources

Refind scours the web and analyzes over 100,000+ articles from 10,000+ sources every day, including but not limited to:

• Publishers like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Atlantic
• Expert publications like Stratechery, Harvard Business Review, Smashing Magazine
• Niche blogs and newsletters
• Individual thought leaders

Key takeaways

Get the gist of an article without reading the whole thing.

Check out highlights from the community, summaries by authors, and audio for on-the-go listening!

Explore Deep Dives

Subscribe to curated deep dives into cutting-edge new topics that spark your interest:

• Better Thinking
• Decision Making
• Science of Happiness
• How to Build a Writing Habit
• Understanding Humans Like A Behavioral Scientist
• The Metaverse, Productivity Hacks, The History of Food, etc.

Weekend Edition

Never miss any of the most important links, even in a busy week.

Power features

Refind is packed with power features to help you get smarter. Build your own library, search & explore, take notes, highlight key quotes, and many more.

Become 1% better, every day

We tend to underestimate how small improvements add up. If you get 1% better at something every day, that doesn’t feel like much. You might not even notice it at first. Keep at it, and progress becomes remarkable though. 1% better each day means 37 times better after one year.

View and improve your reading habits in the app.

Built for life-long learners

Refind is built for voracious readers by voracious readers. Over 200,000 life-long learners start their day with Refind – to learn something new, to get inspired, to move forward. We continuously improve Refind based on feedback from our users.

We'd love to hear from you! [email protected]

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