Tiny Quest : 4080 Summon Gift

✅ 4080 Free Summon Gift!
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Jan 21, 2024
Apr 19, 2024
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✅ 4080 Free Summon Gift!
✅ Complete specific missions for 7 days to get 2040 + 2040 Summon Gift!

One day the world got bigger?! No! All humans have become tiny!
Grow your Hero infinitely, Merge all Pet!
Hunt for the witch with a powerful party! Operation ‘Tiny Quest’!

▶ Collect various heroes and combine unique skills to assemble your own party.
▶ Defeat all the witch's monsters through limitless power.
▶ Get stronger by acquiring items through endless mines and dungeons.
▶ Evolve pets and make contracts with heroes through unique merge system.
▶ There is a rumor that if you merge pet, the strongest creature and the legendary dragon will appear?!
▶ Enjoy the game casually with offline Idle rewards!

Although they may have turned into cute looks, the heroes uses more various and fancy skills!
Combine various heroes and pets with your own strategy to defeat all monsters and dungeons!
Unlimited growth and fun, discover hidden artifacts and become the strongest!

Will you be able to break the witch's curse and go back to normal?
Start the adventure of heroes and pets who defeat the evil witch with cute physical right now!

Superbox official website ☞ http://www.superboxgo.com
Official Facebook ☞ https://www.facebook.com/superbox01
Customer Center ☞ [email protected]

What's new

- Added the Equipment System and 4 new equipment types (Weapon, Shield, Helmet, and Armor)
- Added equipment summoning system, collections, and packages
- Added Defence stats
- Added 2 new costumes
- Fixed some UI layout and sorting function



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